International Stock Exchange Group

ISEG is a fintech company investing in and building a series
of platform based software applications to service and
create better efficiencies in the capital markets.

we make change


Allied SX
Capital Super Highway
Mining SX
Oil and Gas SX
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Contact us for more information or to become a listing agent, advisor, investor or listed company. We are actively seeking all of these to advance our structure and make investing in crowdfunding or regulated securities a better-understood market place.

Around the globe


Trading platforms will be popping up in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, America and South America. We will globalise startup investing and nurture companies within our developing ecosystem to give them more chance of success and mitigate risk for investors. Our Capital SuperHighway assists companies in the entire journey, from startup stage to blue chip. We intend to Herd the Unicorns and standardise investment behaviour and company compliance.

new and improved



ISEG has completed the rebuild and the redesign of its proprietary trading platform compliant with Central Bank Rules & Regulations and thousands of registered brokerage clients already. The platform can take deposits, run its own KYC procedures and trade securities which SSX lists on its own regulated exchange.

With our finger on the global pulse of new issues, new opportunities and early stage companies, we have
a unique perspective on financial news.

Contact us for more information.